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Auction 3:- BLOEMFONTEIN on 01 November 2014:-
Bloemfontein Auction List

Carival Loft Summer 2014/15 Birds in loft

A group of Carnival Lofts Winter 2014 pigeons enjoying the autumn sunshine in front of the loft

Above is the office and storeroom with solar panels on the roof.
First single loft on this planet where the clock is run by solar power?

Race rules for the Summer Challenge

 Carnival Lofts (Pty) Ltd Copper Sunset Vaal Dam

End of JANUARY 2015

FIRST PRIZE €20 000 (450 paid entries)


Entry fee €300 per entry (One paid entry plus three reserve pigeons). Transport fees from Europe at €35per pigeon plus any other shipping costs to be paid by the entrant. A fixed exchange Rate of ZAR15:EUR1 will apply to customers paying in ZAR. Prize money will also be converted to ZAR at this rate. In other words if you are paying in ZAR it will be R4500 for one entry with 3 reserve pigeons.


First shipment to South Africa April 2014! The youngsters must be a minimum of 40days old. We urge all participants to vaccinate their pigeons 10days before shipping for paramyxovirus! (It takes about 10days for the vaccine to be 100% effective)


The amount of €300 must be paid to the agent before shipment/transportation of pigeons.

Only entered pigeons compete for any prize money. A reserve pigeon may be entered at any time by paying €300. 


Intake from 28 April 2014 to 22 August 2014. The first shipment of international pigeons will be in April 2014. Pigeons to be rung with officially recognized 2014 rings. NB! No pigeons previously entered in any competition at Carnival Lofts will be accepted                                        


Hot Spots:

The pigeons need the correct training and preparation in order to complete a distance of 500 to 550km in the final race. This will include 4 training flights ranging between approx 200km to 400km in distance. These 4 training flights will serve as Hot Spots; the first 5 paid entries on these 4 Hot Spots will win prize money as shown in Table 1.


Race Program (Training will start in October 2014)

Birds will partake in at least four races before the final race:

November 2014 Ventersburg (200 km)

December 2014 Winburg (230 km)

December 2014 Glen (290 km)

January 2015 Bloemfontein (360 km)

January 2015 Colesberg (540km’s) Main race


After the final race we auction the birds; breeder gets 40% of selling price. If a pigeon is sold for less than R500 all will be offset against costs with no kickback to the breeder. Every entrant must supply a pedigree of his pigeons on auction in order to be entitled to this kickback.


Anything not covered herein will be published on our website and/or announced by subsequent short messages notice or emails. Kindly pay due attention to these as they will become part of the rules of entry. 

Coordinates S 26 51.098, E 28 07.984

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